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Are You Ready for IGA Days?

Author: Wayne Altschul
Wayne AltschulSeptember 30, 2013

A message to the IGA Retailers from...
Wayne Altschul
Vice President
IGA Exclusive Brands

This week marks the beginning of IGA Days, IGA Exclusive Brand's big seasonal selling event with an even bigger sweepstakes. Beginning tomorrow and lasting all through the month of October, IGA shoppers can register on IGA.com or their store's IGALink website to win one of a number of exciting national prizes, including:

• A basket filled with $50 worth of IGA Brand product (200 prizes)

• IGA groceries for one year in the form of $2,600 worth of IGA gift certificates (2 prizes)

• A $2,000 Pampered Chef® shopping spree AND $1,500 of IGA groceries in the form of IGA gift certificates (1 prize)

Take it straight from the mouths of happy IGA shoppers: This IGA Days event is a simple and easy way to build loyalty around your IGA Exclusive Brand.

"Thank you so much for the neat Kitchen Sweepstakes prize. My husband and I had a ball looking through all the IGA products that I won." Marcia D.

"Thank you very much! You single-handedly just restocked my pantry!" Chris D.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the groceries! I had a bad day yesterday and when I got home, I saw the IGA package and I got so excited! I really appreciate the prize and I guarantee you, my family will enjoy using the IGA products." Sandra D.

The message is clear: Shoppers love to win through the IGA Days. And even more significant, they also love to save. That's why it's so important that you do your part to get the word out to your shoppers about this month-long promotion. Feature and display your sale-priced IGA Exclusive brand products all throughout the month of October and direct your shoppers to your website or IGA.com to register for the sweepstakes. If you do, you can bet that this proven and tested event will deliver the sales increases and case movement you want from your IGA Exclusive Brand line.

Happy selling!

Wayne Altschul