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The Ideal Time to Improve

Author: Michael Sansolo
October 7, 2013

Michael SansoloA message to the Alliance from...
Michael Sansolo
President, Sansolo Solutions
Contributing editor, morningnewsbeat.com

Michael Sansolo is an industry consultant, speaker, author and frequent contributor to The Independent View. Today, Sansolo shares insights about staying on top of improvements. Register to attend the 2014 IGA Global Rally in Las Vegas this February to hear more from Sansolo.

There's an old adage that the best time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining. Another reminds us that Noah built the ark before the flood, not when it was raining.

The lesson is the same: the best time to take action is before problems hit, not during. Yet most of us can't do that. Problems and challenges motivate us; good times make us complacent. Only that's entirely the wrong strategy.

Dave Skogen, a one-time IGA operator in Wisconsin, recently penned his memoirs and thoughts about business lessons he learned along the way. His book, "Boomerang: Leadership Principles That Bring the Customer Back," is a must read for any independent operator looking for advice on how to build a winning team and points of differentiation in the marketplace.

Plus there's a great reminder why IGA leadership matters. Skogen writes that one of the most important pieces of advice he received came from IGA. As Skogen says, "When Tom Haggai tells you: 'The best time to do better is when you are doing good,' believe him."

It's wisdom that lasts through the ages. Don't be satisfied with a good year; try to make it a better year. Think about how to improve your store, your team, yourself and, of course, your relationships.

The problems and challenges will always come, but if you get ahead of them they may not be so bad.

Words of wisdom from both outside and inside IGA.


Michael Sansolo