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Building Your Brand Value with Targeted Marketing

Author: Jim Walz

Jim WalzOctober 8, 2013

A message to IGA retailers from...
Jim Walz
VP, IGA Brand Development

Within the past two years, IGA has delivered new and innovative programs for participating IGA retailers to leverage the true scale of the Alliance and build IGA brand value. This has been most clearly demonstrated through the introduction of these significant marketing programs:

IGALink: A digital marketing platform launched in July 2011 that provides every IGA retailer with their own IGA-branded, customizable website, mobile website and content management system.

IGA Performance Insights: A marketing program launched in May 2013 that delivers IGA-exclusive, Red Oval Hometown Proud offers to increase individual store sales while uniting the brand as a single marketing entity.

These initiatives set the stage for every IGA independent operator to better connect with their customers, define their commitment to the community they serve, and stand out among their competitors—increasing the value of the IGA brand identity we all share.

Even more, these programs are designed expressly for independent retailers to promote their unique store offerings. Performance Insights provides sales building offers to draw in shoppers, while IGALink provides tools to communicate these offers. For a great example, see Rodhe's IGA, which worked with IGA's marketing team and technology partner Webstop to deliver an integrated marketing campaign for their second Performance Insights Hometown Proud Offer.

Rodhe's Kraft glider

The capability to deliver targeted brand messaging to your shoppers and increase your bottom line is here. It's up to you to embrace these new marketing initiatives and make them come to life for your shoppers.


Jim Walz

Do you need insight on how to make IGA marketing work for you? That's what we're here for. We'd be happy to give you a total run down. Contact IGA's Megan Tracy for more information.