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DG Graphics and IGA...Get Ready to Tell Your IGA Story in 2014

Author: David Marti

October 18, 2013

A message to IGA retailers from:
David Marti
DG Graphics

How do you tell the Hometown Proud IGA story that sets you apart from the competition and demonstrates your commitment to your community? No doubt there are many ways, including through the actions of your thoughtful, well-trained employees, your innovative and engaging digital media platform, and your participation in community-focused events and fundraising.

But what about IGA's well-designed point of purchase (POP) materials? If you're not taking advantage of POP materials to remind shoppers day-in and day-out that your store is the hometown proud supermarket of choice, you're missing out on a very important marketing resource.

Red Oval Partner DG Graphics offers you a large variety of POP related to IGA programs, from signage highlighting your IGA Exclusive Brand's product line, to IGA Promise kits that communicate your store's true point of difference, to vibrant materials for the annual marketing events that open up opportunities for you to connect with customers.

In 2014, DG Graphics will once again be offering banners, window signs, stanchion posters and ceiling danglers to help create excitement and freshen up your store during all your core events, including:

• IGA Hometown Healthy Challenge (January—April)
• IGA Hometown Fest (May—August)
• IGA Wounded Warrior Project (Memorial Day—Labor Day)
• IGA Family Friends & Food (September—December)
• IGA Days (October)

Remember, having fresh signage communicating the IGA brand messages is critical to keeping the IGA top of mind and relevant to your customers, and now's the time to start developing next year's marketing plan. Feel free to contact me about all your POP needs for the coming year.

Let's work together to make 2014 the year to focus on building the IGA brand in your store and in your community!

David Marti

IGA Retailers: Cost for all programs in 2014 is $59 per kit (same as last year), or $295 for the full year of promotional décor. Download the fax-back enrollment form, or contact DG Graphics' Dave Marti at (860)286-9997 or dmarti@dggraphicsonline.com.