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Top Ten Food Trends for 2014

Author: Phil Lempert
Phil LempertDecember 5, 2013

A message to IGA retailers from...
Phil Lempert
The Supermarket Guru®

Phil Lempert, known as The Supermarket Guru®, is an expert analyst on consumer behavior, marketing trends, new products and the changing retail landscape. Today Lempert shares insights about 2014 food trends.

Since 2008 we have worked closely with ConAgra Foods to develop and publicize our Top Trend Forecast. This year we also conducted a survey with the SupermarketGuru.com Consumer Panel on behalf of ConAgra Foods to identify the latest trends and further explain the impact and opportunities to food retailers.

Our Top Ten Predictions:

1. The Emergence of the "IndieWoman": Almost 31 million strong, the "IndieWoman" is 27 and older, lives alone and has no children and spends $50 billion on food and beverages each year. They have no time, so look for more brands to offer more semi-homemade meals that use fresh, high-quality ingredients.

2. Better-for-You Snacking: Healthy options are on the rise. Look for supermarkets to replace high-sugar, high-fat snacks at the checkout with healthier on-the-go offerings.

3. Brands Reach Consumers Locally Through Cause Initiatives: Brands will find greater purpose in serving the larger community. Our survey found that 62 percent of consumers appreciate and want to support companies that donate to important social causes.

4. Click to Cook: People rely more on their mobile phones when grocery shopping. Next: the ability to select a recipe, order ingredients and check-out directly from mobile devices, or use in-car touch screens and drive-through windows for quick order pickup.

5. Supermarkets—The New Culinary Schools: Grocery stores will create "community cooking centers" where shoppers can collaborate and learn from each other, just as they have been doing in social media!

6. The Retailer Becomes the Brand: Our survey found that 53 percent of consumers shop at a particular retailer because it has good store brand products. No longer will private brands just emulate national brand products; consumers will see more private label brands creating new, unique products.

7. Rise and Shine—The New Way to Start Your Day: Consumers will look for more protein-rich and convenient breakfast options.

8. Packaging Evolves to Share More with Consumers: Consumers want more information, but the area of the package is limiting. Using a mobile device, shoppers will learn more about the product and the company by simply focusing the device on the label.

9. Millenials Make the Supermarket Social: 57 percent of Pinterest is made of food related content. Next up: "click to buy" for consumers looking to purchase ingredients for a recipe on Pinterest and have them delivered to their homes.

10. International Restaurant Flavors At Home: From school cafeterias to the dining room table, global flavors are sprouting up everywhere. Look for all shoppers to be eating more international inspired foods.

Phil Lempert