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Young's Payless IGA—Serving the Community the Hometown Proud Way

Author: Kevin Young
Kevin Young 2013December 6, 2013

A message from...
Kevin Young 
2014 IGA USA Retailer of the Year Finalist 
Young's Payless IGA
Lockeford, CA
LDC: C&S Wholesale–West

Look to The Independent View in the coming days to learn more about the Finalists in the running to become one of three 2014 IGA USA International Retailers of the Year. Today, Kevin Young of Payless IGA shares the retailing philosophy and "best practices" that set his IGA apart from the competition.

When I'm asked to speak about the "best practices" of Young's Payless IGA, the subject I always bring up first is our community commitment platform. We strive to scream HOMETOWN PROUD in everything we do.

Hometown Proud is more than a marketing slogan, this is a true and steadfast commitment to use our resources to nurture the people of our hometowns and the programs they create. When it comes to organizations that involve our hometown kids and families, the answer is simply "yes, we will help." We've been saying yes for over 60 years now, so the only challenge we face is finding creative and fun ways to do so.

Each year at Young's Payless IGA, we host a number of events to show our appreciation and dedication to the community. During the summer we sponsor a KidsFest event that is free to the community; I attend county fairs in three surrounding communities each year to purchase animals from children in support of 4-H and Future Farmers of America; and this year alone our annual "Golfing for Education Tournament" raised over $15,000.00 that was donated to our local elementary school.

And while Hometown Proud is a huge part of what IGA is all about, it's also about being a progressive independent retailer. Here at Young's Payless IGA we believe our continued success is due in large part to the cutting edge ideas and promotions that have been brought to us by IGA, and that's why we are always eager to jump on board whenever something new is rolled out. And we always find that all it takes is a little effort and creativity to see results. We've had huge success with IGALink—like when we signed up over 1200 customers in one week for our eNews blasts—and we're already starting to see the benefit of Performance Insights in terms of customer response.

I'm proud to be a member of IGA and all it stands for, and prouder still to see the progress that's being made to make this a better, stronger brand with each passing day!

Kevin Young