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Huntingburg IGA Wins Performance Insights Selling Contest!

Author: Megan Tracy
Mehan TracyDecember 17, 2013

A message to the Alliance from...
Megan Tracy
Marketing Specialist

IGA Performance Insights is a new marketing initiative that organizes IGA retailers as a single marketing entity, leveraging their combined sales volume to increase individual store sales. Today, IGA's Megan Tracy announces the winner of the November Performance Insights Hometown Proud Offer Selling Contest!

Drum roll please... Congratulations to:

Huntingburg IGA
Huntingburg, IN 
Manager: Tony Clements 
Houchens Foods Group
LDC: Associated Wholesale Grocers 

Huntingburg IGA was awarded $500 for their First Place win in the Performance Insights Selling Contest! And for good reason: Huntingburg IGA's promotion and merchandising of the November IGA Spaghetti Feast event was second to none. 

Working with their wholesaler, Huntingburg IGA was able to enhance the IGA Performance Insights offer of "Buy 2 Ragu pasta sauces and get a 1lb of IGA Spaghetti FREE" by adding IGA Frozen Garlic Bread. "Feed the Family for Under $10.00" as they called it, was featured in their print ad as well as in a turn-key display in their store. Located on their shopper recognized 'wall of value', Huntingburg IGA used the IGA provided POP to make sure to grab shoppers' attention.

Ragu selling contest winner

In addition to the great savings on IGA Brand products, Huntingburg IGA took this opportunity to feature some related general merchandise items. On display next to the participating food items were related cooking utensils such as strainers, cheese cloth and ladles, offering shoppers not only a total meal solution, but providing them the tools they need to prepare the meal.

As a result of their spectacular promotion and merchandising techniques, they had among the highest amount of offer redemptions and had a 55 percent increase in their movement of IGA Exclusive Brand product!

We commend Huntingburg IGA for their creative marketing approach!

Megan Tracy

IGA Retailers: Want to participate in the Performance Insights Hometown Proud Offer Selling Contest? All you have to do to enter is register your store for Performance Insights, setup your POS system with the help of reach | influence, and submit your written entry (pictures encouraged) to Megan Tracy.