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Great 2013 Results and a Bright Future for IGA Exclusive Brands

Author: Dave Bennett
December 30, 2013

A message from... 
Dave Bennett
Senior Vice President 
Procurement & Exclusive Brands

Another year has come and gone with some exceptional Exclusive Brand support and results from our Licensed Distribution Centers and retailers.

For example, your IGA Exclusive Brands saw a lot of new item development, ranging from single serve coffee pods to frozen pizzas. We experienced some outstanding support in our third year for our Wounded Warrior Project, which has now in total given back over $550,000 dollars to help support our US servicemen. And of course there's nothing more critical to the success of your Exclusive Brand line than building the brand's sales and image, and this year we did both with an October IGA Day's event that moved more than 1.1 million cases!

So with 2014 almost here, what does the future look like for IGA Exclusive Brands? In a word, BRIGHT! We have new programs, new incentives, and new Signature label products, all of which will continue to drive excitement in your Exclusive Brands program.

So stay tuned to The Independent View and your IGA eNews for more information about developments in 2014, including an upcoming eNews announcement on IGA Hometown Label Savers—the exciting new program that launches January 1 using Exclusive Brand labels to raise funds for community non-profits.

On behalf of your IGA Chicago Exclusive Brands team I want to thank you for your continuing support and to wish you, your family and friends a Happy Holiday Season!

Dave Bennett