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Thanks to Our IGA Red Oval Family for All They Do

Author: Doug Fritsch
Doug Fritsch newJanuary 3, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Doug Fritsch
Sr. VP. Retail & Business Development 

From the very beginning IGA founder J. Frank Grimes had a vision for how our Alliance would work. He saw IGA as a three-legged stool with three important entities each working together to support one another and give each other strength. There were the progressive, community-minded independent IGA retailers, the dedicated Licensed Distribution Center members, and the forward-thinking Red Oval partners who understood that there was value in manufacturers and service providers forming a strong relationship with what would become the industry's biggest and best independent brand.

Now more than 85 years later, our Alliance is still going strong, and the unique Red Oval Family is still the industry's only partnership of its kind. Together our Red Oval Family members represent thousands of the world's top brands and most widely used services, and as you read each Friday in The Independent View, these Alliance members are dedicated to using their resources to create opportunities for IGA retailers.

As our first week of 2014 draws to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our Red Oval Family members for all they do for this Alliance. Whether it's our Red Oval manufacturers working with us to research, develop, fund and execute IGA-specific in-store opportunities like our new Performance Insight Hometown Proud offers, or our service providers offering IGA members expert services that add value to their IGA Brand presence, our Red Oval Family is always here for us.

We at IGA look forward to working individually with each IGA Red Oval partner in the coming year to make sure this relationship is both mutually beneficial and productive. In the history of IGA we've never had a more engaged and enthusiastic Red Oval Family, so you can rest assured that you'll be seeing a host of innovative new ideas from our Red Oval partners in 2014.

Doug Fritsch

IGA Retailers: Register for the IGA Global Rally today to meet and greet your IGA Red Oval Family partners in person and learn more about what the Red Oval Family relationship can do for you. Want to contact your IGA Red Oval partners beforehand? Visit the Alliance site directory page and click on "Red Oval Partner Contacts" for contact info.