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Your New IGA Label Savers Program Is Underway

Author: Dave Bennett
January 6, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Dave Bennett
Senior Vice President 
Procurement & Exclusive Brands

January 1 marked not just the start of a New Year, but also the beginning of an exciting new program for IGA with the launch of IGA Hometown Label Savers. This national, year-long marketing program encourages community non-profit organizations to collect IGA Exclusive Brand product barcodes in exchange for funding towards organizational needs.

IGA Hometown Label Savers provides a powerful opportunity for you to further develop your reputation as the brand that lends a helping hand while at the same time building loyalty for your IGA Exclusive Brand line. What better differentiation from the competition can there be than that?

Moreover, this program—developed with input from all IGA Licensed Distribution Centers (LDCs) and with ideas and details borrowed from similar programs already in place at SpartanNash and Associated Wholesale Grocers—has a proven track record of success. With that in mind, we feel confident that your new Hometown Label Savers program will not only help community organizations, it will also have a positive impact on both the sales and image of your IGA Exclusive Brands.

And the best part? This program doesn't cost you or the LDC a thing. This turnkey program is being completely funded by IGA USA, Inc.—all you have to do is use the resources available to you on the Alliance site to get the word out to your community that the opportunity is here!

If you have questions about this great new program, contact IGA's Megan Tracy. She will be happy to help you get the initiative underway in your community. We look forward to hearing how the program is working for charitable organizations in your Hometown Proud community!

Dave Bennett