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Challenge Yourself or Else

Author: Michael Sansolo
Michael SansoloJanuary 8, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Michael Sansolo 
President, Sansolo Solutions 
Contributing editor, morningnewsbeat.com

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There aren't many obvious connections between an IGA operator and Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer. Except Boeing is currently changing its business model in a way that provides a stunning lesson in knowing when it's time for a change.

The Boeing story is this: the 747, the four-engine, double decker long haul airplane is slowly being phased out. Thanks to long experience the airline industry has learned that two engine planes are sufficiently safe for ocean crossing flights, plus they are far more efficient and economical.

For that reason, Boeing is betting its future on the 777, not the 747, in essence walking away from a successful jet that the company has been building for 40 years.

In various reports about the shift, Boeing executives acknowledge an amazing business truth. They recognize that the aircraft market is shifting and the company's option is to shift with it, or risk losing market share to Airbus.

Now think of that lesson for your store or company. It's extremely hard to change, especially when you are successful. But just as Boeing is admitting, change happens and if you don't react the competition certainly will. (And don't you wish you only had one competitor like Boeing does.)

That's one of the reasons the annual IGA Rally is so important for you. It's a chance to learn about the changes with consumers, competitors, associates, Licensed Distribution Centers and even IGA itself. It's a peerless opportunity to learn how fellow IGA operators are rising up to meet the challenges with ideas and strategies you can borrow, modify and copy.

Luckily it isn't aerospace science; it's just good business.

Michael Sansolo