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IGA Retailers Win Big in the Performance Insights Coca-Cola Display Contest!

Author: Jeff Wunsch

Jeff WunschJanuary 17, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Jeff Wunsch 
Director-National Retail Sales IGA and Red Oval Advisory Council Chair

IGA Performance Insights is a new marketing initiative that organizes IGA retailers as a single marketing entity, leveraging their combined sales volume to increase individual store sales. Today, Coca-Cola's Jeff Wunsch announces the winners of the December Performance Insights Coca-Cola Display Contest.

This holiday season IGA retailers went all out in support of the Performance Insights' Bring the Family Together with IGA and Coca-Cola event. Participating retailers leveraged their marketing expertise and creativity—as well as the POP shipped to their stores courtesy of Coca-Cola—to build some truly impressive holiday displays—all of which worked to make this an incredibly successful event for everyone involved.

With dozens of entries received from IGA retailers in the Coca-Cola December Performance Insights Display Contest, picking a select few winners was not an easy task. On behalf of the Coca-Cola Company, I'd like to congratulate the following display contest winners:

Largest Display

FIRST PLACE and $1000:
Owensboro IGA #20

SECOND PLACE and $500:
Darmstadt IGA #456

THIRD PLACE and $125:
Save More Marketplace IGA

Most Creative

FIRST PLACE and $1000:
Honey's IGA of Newton 

SECOND PLACE and $500:
Honey's IGA of Vale

THIRD PLACE and $125:
Cookville IGA #42

The retail teams at these stores truly demonstrated Best In Class in creativity and execution of the "Bringing the Family Together" Performance Insights Offer. Just take a look at these great displays:

December 2013 Coca-Cola display contest

Coca-Cola is proud to be a legacy Red Oval Partner with IGA, and we look forward to bringing IGA retailers more great opportunities in 2014 to drive our respective businesses and grow "our" brand. Together...we make the difference!

Thank you,
Jeff Wunsch