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IGA & Ashgrove Marketing: Keeping Your Brand in Sight and In Mind

Author: Kelli Monahan
Kelli MonahanJanuary 24, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Kelli Monahan
Chief Operating Officer 
Ashgrove Marketing 

The Red Oval Family—an alliance of the industry's premier food manufacturers and service providers—partners with IGA to provide products and services that are unavailable to other independents (click here to learn more). IGA today welcomes its newest Red Oval Partner, Ashgrove Marketing, to the Red Oval Family.

As your new Red Oval partner for all your promotional needs, Ashgrove is proud to deliver a wide range of marketing tools to keep your store and your brand in sight and in mind throughout the year! Our deep understanding of your customer and how to capture their minds gives us the edge.

Like you, we are a small, locally-owned company, and we understand the challenges you face in an increasingly competitive retail landscape. Using our personalized, hands-on approach to service, we will provide you with solutions targeted to reach and connect with your customers.

Visit http://iga.ashgroveink.com/ to see the variety of promotional products we offer to be imprinted with your name (including name tags!) and marketing message. We can creatively match the perfect product to your promotion—and because we are small, we are not trapped by large corporate structures. We are going to offer new quarterly promotions with low minimums, so if you want to test some products and see how they work for you, we can make that happen!

And how about IGA's Community Marketing events? They provide a great opportunity for you to engage your customers, but are you doing everything you can to make that happen? We can help with sunscreen kits for families during Hometown Fest, or grocery notebooks for customers to keep track of lists and healthy ingredients during Hometown Healthy Challenge.

Ashgrove is also excited to partner with IGA with a 2015 custom calendar program. We are currently working to design a program that will give you creative and unique opportunities to provide visibility for your brand throughout the year, such as individual cause marketing programs or coupon initiatives. Stay tuned for additional information.

If you have any questions about what Ashgrove can do to help you with your marketing goals, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (248) 946-8764.

We look forward to working with you!

Kelli Monahan