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IGA Exclusive Brands and Nabisco Team Up for Shopper Savings

Author: Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett 2013April 23, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Dave Bennett 
Sr. VP Procurement & Exclusive Brands

This past March, IGA Performance Insights gave us yet another great opportunity to promote IGA Exclusive Brands, this time in conjunction with an offer from Red Oval partner Nabisco to save $2 with purchase of two Chips Ahoy! Cookies and one IGA Ice Cream.

Well the results are in, and shoppers who participated in this Hometown Proud offer had a basket size of $57.99 per person—more than double the average basket size without the promotion!

Of course like any Performance Insights promotion, the stores that took the time to promote the offer are the ones that ultimately made the most impact. One store that really let their marketing savvy show was Howard IGA in Enon, Ohio, our winner for the Performance Insights March Selling Contest!

Cookies and Ice Cream display

Store Manager of Howard IGA, John Leary submitted the above photo of their impossible-to-miss Cookies & Ice Cream truck display. Since the frozen food aisle didn't offer enough space for product placement, John decided to get creative. Utilizing a shipper from Nabisco and a small freezer case they had handy, they built an outstanding display in the roomier dairy section. Then they placed Performance Insights POP signage in the cookie aisle to direct shoppers to the display.

On behalf of the IGA Exclusive Brands team, Nabisco and everyone at IGA, thanks to Howard IGA for their creative approach to promoting this event. We are excited for the upcoming line-up of Performance Insights offers, including great offers all throughout the summer!

Dave Bennett

IGA Retailers: Howard IGA was awarded $500 for their win in the Performance Insights Selling Contest! All you have to do to enter is register your store for Performance Insights, setup your POS system with the help of reach|influence, and submit your written entry (pictures encouraged) to Megan Tracy.