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A Lesson in Effort

Author: Michael Sansolo
Michael SansoloApril 30, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Michael Sansolo 
President, Sansolo Solutions
Contributing editor, morningnewsbeat.com

Michael Sansolo is an industry consultant, speaker, author and frequent contributor to The Independent View. Today, he reminds us that inspiration and effort play huge roles in business and in life.

Every one of us has issues we face each day and we can be forgiven for getting down at times. At those times I want you to think of a powerful lesson from a personal friend of mine named Larry Chloupek.

There's a chance you heard about Larry after this year's Boston Marathon. In this very special event, commemorating a year since the terror bombing, Larry was courageous simply to run and finish. Neither is an easy feat, but it's harder for Larry.

Larry ran on crutches and one leg—the only runner of his kind in the 2014 race. His effort brought him countless ovations through the race and all manner of acclaim afterward—and he deserves it all.

Cancer cost Larry his left leg up to his hip when he was seven, but that may be the last battle he ever lost. Larry plays countless sports, coaches others and, in so many ways, is simply the most capable person I know. 

Larry said he competed in Boston understanding the special nature of this year's race. He said he wanted all those who were wounded in the attack to get inspiration from his example, that their lives could be whole again even if their bodies were forever changed. (For the same reason, Larry exercises regularly with wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center.)

My family has enjoyed a decade-long relationship with Larry, ever since he coached my son's junior varsity baseball team. In all those years he's inspired us repeatedly. It's hard to complain about life's little problems when you know someone who can ride a bicycle with one leg.

He reminds me repeatedly of the power of a great attitude and a spirit of never giving up because my friend Larry would never do anything less.

Michael Sansolo

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