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Planning Makes Perfect with Performance Insights

Author: Tim Henderson
May 5, 2014

A message to IGA retailers from...
Tim Henderson
Henderson's IGA
Valentine, NE

IGA Performance Insights marketing initiative organizes IGA retailers as a single marketing entity, leveraging their combined sales volume to increase individual store sales. Today, Tim Henderson of Henderson's IGA shares how his store gets great results with the Performance Insights program.

When I introduce a new marketing program in my store, the first step is always to create a plan for my team to follow. It doesn't have to be complicated or over the top, but it does need to be consistent and reliable because that's the kind of results we want to achieve. So when I first registered for Performance Insights, creating an easy-to-implement monthly plan was the first order of business.

Since the store managers and I already meet each Monday to discuss in-store events, once a month we now devote time to discussing the Performance Insights offer. First we talk about the items and discount, then from there we have a pretty set formula for rolling out the offer: 

• My ad coordinator places the provided ad drop-in in my print ad.

• As an IGALink user my website is automatically updated by the team at Webstop to feature the offer on my homepage, in my weekly ad, and an email is sent out to all my shoppers.

• We use the provided web graphic and post it on our Facebook page, linking it back to our website for more information.

• My store team places the participating products and POP together in a display that will get shoppers' attention and make it easy for them to grab the products and go.
• Additional POP is placed in the store.

• When possible, we set the offer up in our POS system for automatic redemption.

The key is making sure your shoppers know about the offer. And now that we have a plan in place that ensures our team is consistently covering all the bases, our shoppers are responding consistently too. For the past eight months I have seen an average of nearly 50 redemptions per offer. That's pretty amazing when you consider how little work we are really putting into the promotion of these events. It just goes to show you that a little planning goes a long way!

Tim Henderson