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Sales Lift Delivered with IGA PB&J

Author: Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett 2013May 21, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Dave Bennett 
Sr. VP Procurement & Exclusive Brands

The April IGA Performance Insights selling event, "Share a PB&J with IGA", provided another great opportunity to promote IGA Exclusive Brands. Shoppers saved $2 with the purchase of one IGA Peanut Butter, one IGA Jelly and any bread item.

New for April, you'll see we updated the report and added two additional insight categories:

"Top 100 Stores." View the performance of stores that are actively engaged in the event compared to the performance for all stores reporting redemptions.

"Items Sales Lift." View the overall movement of promoted items, including sales where a promotional redemption did not occur. It provides a broader, more accurate view of the total sales impact generated by the promotional activity.

April PI results
*Lift was calculated as the change in sales during the 2 promotional weeks compared to 2 weeks prior to the promotion.

As you can see, our top 100 retailers saw impressive product movement overall, including a 123 percent increase in IGA Peanut Butter and a 162 percent increase in IGA Jelly. And while overall we saw an average of 13 redemptions per store, the top 100 retailers in the Performance Insights program saw more than double that number with an average of 30 redemptions per store. The conclusion? The IGA Performance Insights program works, and it works very well in stores that take the extra effort to engage with their shoppers.

What kind of engagement are we referring to? Among a sample of 119 stores participating in April's event, those who featured the offer in their print ad and/or built an in-store display averaged more than five times higher redemptions than those who did not.

It's that simple, folks. Support the offers in your ad, in your displays, on your website and in social media and you'll receive results. Period. Just ask the top 100 retailers who had great results with this April offer!

Dave Bennett

IGA retailers: If you're not already participating in Performance Insights, click here to sign up for Performance Insights at no cost to you, and stay tuned to The Independent View to read best practices from IGA retailers who are having success with the program.