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April's Performance Insights Selling Contest

Author: Megan Tracy
Mehan TracyMay 22, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Megan Tracy 
Marketing Specialist 

As we read yesterday, April's IGA Performance Insights offer, "Share a PB&J with IGA" was a real win for participating retailers. The "save $2 with purchase of one IGA Peanut Butter, one IGA Jelly and any bread item" resulted in an average sales lifts of 140% for promoted IGA UPCs during the two-week promotional period. But of course like any Performance Insights promotion, the stores that took the time to promote the offer saw an even greater return.

Without further ado, I am excited to announce our April Display Contest Winners:
• Honey's IGA of Vale – Vale, NC 
• Red Front IGA – Harrisonburg, VA 
• Evansville IGA – Evansville, IN 
• Save More Marketplace IGA – Minocqua, WI 
• Granite Falls IGA – Granite Falls, WA

PI April selling contest

As you'll see, these stores each took a unique approach to merchandising their in-store displays, however behind the scenes they also did a great job promoting this Hometown Proud Offer:

• Featured the promotion in both print and digital ads 
• Created easy-to-use, hard-to-miss merchandising in-store 
• Communicated promotion to shoppers via website, social media and/or email 
• Informed store team of this special IGA offer and used in-store word-of-mouth marketing

Ask anyone of the above retailers and they will tell you that a little effort can go a long way. Sales lift on promoted IGA UPCs for these stores ranged from 62% to 676%—that's right—topping out nearly seven times the sales of IGA Peanut Butter and Jelly the week of the promotion compared to the month prior!

Congratulations and our sincerest thanks to the winners of April's Performance Insights offer! Your successes are in turn moving the IGA Brand forward for us all.

Thank you, 
Megan Tracy

IGA Retailers: April's Display Contest Winners were awarded $100 each! All you have to do to enter is register your store for Performance Insights, setup your POS system with the help of reach|influence, and email your written entry (pictures encouraged) to me.