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IGA Welcomes Midwest Dairy Association to the Family

Author: Cindy Sorensen & Jamie Liebich
June 9, 2014

A message to the Alliance from... 
Cindy Sorensen 
Vice President, Business Development

Jamie Liebich
Business Development Manager
Midwest Dairy Association 

The Red Oval Family, an alliance of the industry's premier food manufacturers, service providers and associations, partners with IGA to provide extensive resources that are unavailable to other independents. Today, IGA introduces its newest Red Oval partner, Midwest Dairy Association.

Why is Midwest Dairy Association a good fit for the IGA Red Oval Family partnership? Because Midwest Dairy is a great resource for materials and content that will help you communicate to your shoppers that the dairy supply chain is safe, compassionate, and environmentally sound—not to mention an extraordinary way of life for hard working American farming families across the United States. Just as important, we can help you demonstrate the amazing health and wellness benefits of dairy, including the role it plays in maintaining a healthy weight and having strong bones and teeth. In short, Midwest Dairy will give you the tools you need to increase sales of dairy products in your stores!

It's what we do and it's what we love. Because at Midwest Dairy Association, it's about the dairy farm families behind each bottle of milk you sell in your stores. We represent about 9,100 dairy farm families to nearly 38 million consumers across 10 Midwestern states, and are linked nationally to the National Dairy Association, which represents nearly 47,000 dairy farm families across the U.S. It is our job to work on behalf of dairy farmers to increase dairy sales, foster innovation and inspire consumer confidence in dairy products and practices.

Since our organization falls under the umbrella of the National Dairy Association, the programs and information we provide IGA and its retailers will be created with national resources behind them and will have a national reach. Take the national June Dairy Month program. This microsite, which can be found on IGA.com and IGA Link retailers' websites throughout the month of June, was developed by IGA with insight from Midwest Dairy and other resources sourced from the National Dairy Association. The resulting program is one that is a great fit for IGA retailers all across the country, as well be all the programs that we create together in the future!

With both a local and national office located near IGA corporate, we look forward to working closely with IGA to further our goal of growing dairy sales on behalf of your stores and our farmers.

Cindy Sorensen & Jamie Liebich