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Pet Photo Contest Creates a PAW-fect Way to Promote IGA!

Author: Heidi Huff
Heidi Huff 2012June 18, 2014

A message to the IGA Alliance from... 
Heidi Huff
Director of Marketing 

Well, if there's one thing we learned with this year's IGA Picture PAW-fect ComPETition sponsored by Nestlé Purina, it's that people love their pets! 

Ok—I guess there are two lessons here, because we also learned that people REALLY love showing other people just how much they love their pets.

As in 2012 and 2013, we turned to Facebook to display the pet pictures, and we used the same, already-established page from the last two years in the hopes of building up our reach. Boy did it work! During the month of May, 2,577 people visited the Facebook page and liked, commented or clicked on an image (nearly a 400 percent increase over last year), and the content was seen across Facebook 97,072 times (a more than 140 percent increase over last year)! Add to that the more than 211,275 impressions from visitors to IGA.com and IGALink websites (a 32 percent increase over last year), and you can see that this event was one HUGE brand building opportunity! 

So today, I'd like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Red Oval partner Nestlé Purina for creating this opportunity, and to all the IGA retailers who promoted the event in-store. Stay tuned for Friday's Red Oval Partner Perspective from Purina to learn which IGA shoppers—and their pets—were chosen as winners! 

Thank you,
Heidi Huff