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Gearing Up for Summertime Promotion of Label Savers!

Author: Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett 2013June 19, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Dave Bennett 
Sr. VP Procurement & Exclusive Brands

June marked the start of the summer selling and events season, making it a great time to gain awareness of IGA's IGA Hometown Label Savers program. This national, year-long marketing program encourages community non-profit organizations to collect IGA Exclusive Brand product barcodes in exchange for funding towards organizational needs, so it's the perfect fit for all your summertime fundraising activities.

This program offers you a great way of getting more involved in the community through your IGA Exclusive Brand Product, and best of all, it doesn't cost you a thing. Local organizations in your community sign up for the program, they turn in bundles of IGA UPC labels, and IGA funds 3 cents per label. It's just that simple. All you have to do is promote the initiative in your community so local non-profits—schools, animal shelters, churches, you name it!—don't miss out on this great opportunity to get the funds they need.

And now's the perfect time to promote. You need to make sure you have Hometown Label Savers information on your store website and in your ad, yes, but don't forget to also have a store employee promoting it on big traffic summertime weekends in your store and at events like Hometown Fest and Wounded Warrior.

IGA Hometown Label Savers provides a powerful opportunity for you to further develop your reputation as the brand that lends a helping hand, while at the same time building loyalty for your IGA Exclusive Brand line. What better differentiation from the competition can there be than that?

Dave Bennett

IGA retailers: Visit the Alliance site for all the resources you need to help you promote IGA Hometown Label Savers, and contact IGA's Megan Tracy if you have questions. She will be happy to help you get the initiative underway in your community.