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June Dairy Month Makes a Big Impact!

Author: Heidi Huff
Heidi Huff 2012June 7, 2014

A message to IGA retailers from...
Heidi Huff 
Director of Marketing

National Dairy Month has come and gone, but not without making a big impression on IGA shoppers. That's all thanks to help from new Red Oval partner Midwest Dairy and national strategic partner USDA's MyPlate.gov, who teamed up with us to create a fun IGA.com web resource to add to what you were already doing to promote Dairy Month in your stores!

All through the month of June, shoppers could visit the Dairy Month microsite on IGA.com and IGALink retailer websites for informative dairy facts, recipes, and—best of all—an interactive game based around 30 days of dairy trivia. For every dairy trivia question that shoppers answered correctly, they were entered into a drawing to receive one of three prizes of coupons good at any IGA worth $250.00, equivalent to the amount of money an average family of four would spend on dairy products in a month. Stay tuned to The Independent View for soon-to-be released info on the winners from the contest, but today we want to share the impact of this great event.

Just take a look at these powerful statistics from your IGA Dairy Month event:

• 50,334 sweepstakes entries
• 45,539 impressions on iga.com
• 118,564 impressions on IGALink retailer websites

Yes, Dairy Month is a great way to increase dairy sales—but thanks to Midwest Dairy Association, USDA's MyPlate.gov—and some help from their friends at the National Dairy Association—this year it was also a great way to show that IGA is at the forefront of educating shoppers about the benefits of dairy. Moreover, just look at the power that comes from having your brand out there in a popular sweepstakes like this. You can't ask for better free advertising than that!

Thank you,
Heidi Huff