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Fresh Ideas for Your NRAB

Author: Archie McGregor
Archie McGregorJuly 15, 2014

A message to the Alliance from...
Archie McGregor
McGregor Supermarkets 
St. Maries, ID
National Retailer Advisory Board

The IGA National Retailer Advisory Board brings together a representative group of IGA retailers, Licensed Distribution Companies (LDCs) and Red Oval manufacturing partners to focus on serving and supporting the needs of IGA retailers. Today in the first in a series of profiles on NRAB members, Chairman Archie McGregor shares the goals of the newly restructured NRAB.

Recently IGA CEO Mark Batenic shared some important structural changes to the IGA National Retailer Advisory Board (NRAB) which we feel will help us in our role to champion IGA's retailers and the brand (click here to learn more). Along with those changes, today I am pleased to announce that we will also be introducing a set of new goals and objectives for the NRAB.

Our overriding Topline Goal is to achieve greater retailer participation in the future of IGA USA by building and developing programs that will:
• strengthen Brand recognition 
• grow store sales 
• increase the value of the IGA Brand

Along with that topline goal, our Key Objectives are as follows: 

1. IGA USA becomes the foundation for all programs, positioning IGA as a virtual chain
• Increase Red Oval Partner and LDC support and participation in marketing initiatives 
• Expand the number of Direct Store Vendors (to include Fresh, Organic, Specialty) as active members of the Alliance

2. Measure progress based on store participation in marketing programs and sales improvement
• Increase the number of individual store sign ups in the Performance Insights marketing program from 400 to 600 by year-end 2014 and 800 by mid-2015 
• Achieve a minimum of 10 transactions per offer in 90 percent of the 800 stores 
• Track sales lift for each offer showing a trend of continuous improvement 
• Benchmark weekly sales for Performance Insights stores over prior year 

3. Focus on improving both IGA Brand recognition and store operating standards
• Refine the Assessment Program to deliver to a higher standard 
• Increase IGA Coca-Cola Institute course usage by 20 percent year-over-year 

We hope you'll agree that these key objectives, to be achieved over the course of the next two years, will transform IGA for the better. Our key goal is make sure you have more stake in your brand, and that ultimately the new IGA—with the guidance of the retailers behind it—takes its place as the industry's most relevant and innovative brand. 

Again, should you have any questions about recent changes, or like to discuss any of these goals and objectives in more detail, I invite you to contact me personally. First and foremost, your NRAB is here as a resource for all Alliance members, and so please don't hesitate to reach out to me or any of your other NRAB members at any point. And with that idea in mind, I'd like to ask you stay tuned to The Independent View next week and each week going forward for the next several months as we help you get to know your NRAB better with up close and personal profiles from your NRAB members. 

Thank you, 
Archie McGregor

Click here to log on to the Alliance site to see a list of IGA NRAB members.