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Celebrate Summer with "Share a Coke"

Author: Jeff Wunsch
Jeff WunschJuly 18, 2014

A message to IGA retailers from...
Jeff Wunsch
Director National Retail Sales - IGA USA
The Coca-Cola Company 

It's summer, and nothing says hot summer days like an ice cold Coca-Cola. As you may have seen in a recent eNews, this year Coca-Cola is helping your IGA shoppers celebrate summer with a campaign that extends an invitation to "Share a Coke." For the first time in the U.S., Coca-Cola is personalizing the sharing experience by swapping out some of its iconic logos on 20-ounce bottles for 250 of the nation's most popular names among teens and Millennials.

Across the Coca-Cola trademark – Coke®, Diet Coke® and Coke Zero® – the Company is inviting people to find their name and the names of family, friends, colleagues, or even the names of people they want to know better and open a little extra happiness by sharing a Coke together. In addition to specific names, shoppers can also find in place of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero logos group names like "Family" and "Friends", while 1.25- and 2-liter bottles and 12-ounce cans feature colloquial nicknames like "BFF," "Star," "Bestie," "Legend," "Grillmaster," "Buddy" and "Wingman."

Since the campaign launched nationally in early June, the fan response has been phenomenal, and shoppers all across America—IGA shoppers included—are using the campaign's hashtag, #ShareaCoke, to celebrate stories, share photos and have a chance to be featured on Coca-Cola billboards across the country and ShareaCoke.com gallery.

So what can you do to help spread and make this great summertime promotion even more popular? The answer is simple—just take advantage of the IGA web resources made available to you on the Alliance site, and be sure to use the campaign's hashtag, #ShareaCoke in your own social media posts and encourage your shoppers to do the same. And don't forget to include the link ShareaCoke.com, where fans can virtually personalize bottles and share them with friends across Facebook, tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. Website visitors also can find out which names are available in-stores.

For those unable to find specific names on store shelves, "Share a Coke" will tour the nation with more than 500 stops where people can customize a Coca-Cola mini can (7.5-ounces) for themselves and a second can for someone special. ShareaCoke.com will provide date and location information for the cross-country tour.

With the programming continuing thought August, there is still plenty of time to capitalize on this ground-breaking opportunity to increase your Coca-Cola sales. Work with your local Coca-Cola representatives to discuss ways now to "Share a Coke" and drive incremental profits and sales for your store.

Jeff Wunsch