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  1. More About IGA Hometown Proud Offers

    • IGA Develops IGA Hometown Proud Offers with Red Oval Partners

      Red Oval Partners logoIGA Hometown Proud Offers are developed to have appeal and relevance to shoppers across the nation.

      IGA Hometown Proud Offers are funded using Red Oval Partner shopper marketing programs.

      • Final details for IGA Hometown Proud Offers will be available here 6 month in advance of the start.

      • Red Oval Partners of IGA Hometown Proud Offers coordinate directly with IGA LDCs to take full advantage of the selling opportunity. 

      • Retailers are reimbursed for each deal correctly redeemed by the shopper, similar to 'scan-down' programs.  


  2. Promoting Hometown Proud Offers

    • Participating IGA Retailers promote each IGA Hometown Proud Offer at their store

      IGA Link logo • Participating Retailers uniformly promote IGA Hometown Proud Offers to demonstrate they are part of a larger marketing entity that increases overall sales for Red Oval Partners.

      • Each participating retailer aggressively promotes IGA Hometown Proud Offers to increase store sales.

      • Marketing materials are provided for IGA Performance Insights retailers to use at store-level, including: IGALink glider graphics, ad drop-ins and other marketing materials provided by the Red Oval Partner. Scroll down to the Tools and Support section to find these materials.


  3. Tracking Sales Performance

    • Overall performance of IGA Hometown Proud Offers is reported to Red Oval Partner Partners.

      • IGA's technology partner, reach | influence, assist participating retailers in transmission of all sales data into a secure database through the use of a standard file transfer protocol (FTP). As this data deposit utilizes capabilities already built into each store's point-of-sale system, there is no need for additional hardware or software to be installed.

      • Setup of the data transfer process at each store can be completed in minutes, and requires assistance of a retailer employee with access to, and understand of, the store's POS system.

      • In order to secure prompt reimbursement from the selling event, IGA will report promoted-item sales data to the Red Oval Partner. All data is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and stewardship.

      • Other uses of the sales data include demonstrating the predictable overall sales-building performance of IGA retailers participating in IGA Performance Insights to leverage even bigger and better Hometown Proud Offers.


  4. Retailer Reimbursement

    • Participating Retailers are reimbursed for their individual performance by IGA.

      Dollar sign IGA promptly invoices the Red Oval Partner for reimbursement using the reports from the IGA Performance Insights database.
      Following receipt of the funds from the Red Oval Partner, IGA reimburses each store for its individual performance as quickly as possible.*

      *An estimate of this timing is approximately sixty days.


  5. Register Today!

    • Next Steps

      1. Become a "Participating Retailer" and reserve your place in line for implementation.
        Complete the registration process (or fax*), made up of two components:
         (1) with reach | influence to receive all-item sales data for consolidation into the IGA Performance Insights database; and
       (2) with IGA to use that database to secure reimbursement for promotions and to negotiate IGA Hometown Proud Offers
        • Actively support all monthly IGA Hometown Proud Offers.

      2. Work with reach | influence as they guide you or your store's POS coordinator through the steps needed to implement the software process, concluding with a final test of the implementation.

      3. Get ready to sell! As soon as your implementation is completed, prepare to promote the next available IGA Hometown Proud Offer. Watch for frequent email updates about the upcoming offers and look here for complete information about each exciting event.

      *Questions? Contact Megan Tracy at 773-695-2616 or mtracy@igainc.com. Fax the registration form to Megan Tracy at 773-693-1847 for prompt follow-up.




  6. Tools and Support