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IGA Alliance Partners

IGA Retailers have the support of the IGA Alliance, a unique partnership that includes leading wholesalers known as IGA Licensed Distribution Centers, and premier national brand manufacturers and service providers referred to as IGA Red Oval Partners. Guided with professional leadership from the IGA USA team, Alliance partners work together to create more sales and profit potential for the Alliance as a whole, and especially for IGA Retailers.

Manufacturing & Service Partners

The Red Oval Family - an alliance of the industry’s premier food manufacturers and service providers - partner with IGA to provide extensive resources that are unavailable to other independents. Learn More

Distribution Partners

IGA’s Licensed Distribution Centers (LDCs) are premier supply-chain partners dedicated to the success of IGA Retailers in the U.S. and globally. These select companies work day-to-day with IGA Retailers and are their first-line of support and guidance. The suppliers are exclusively licensed to distribute IGA Private Brand merchandise through warehouse and direct-store delivery. Learn More