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Assessment Program

Know what shoppers think you’re doing well, and where you could use improvement.

IGA’s regular store assessments and shopper surveys provide valuable feedback that tells you where your store stands with shoppers.

Assessment Pr5ogram

Customer Feedback Program

Being highly responsive to customer requests is one important way IGA Retailers stand out from the competition. It’s good business, and it’s something that the rigidly managed chain stores simply can’t do. IGA makes it easy to get real-time customer feedback with an IGA-Branded customer feedback website.

Monitor Performance

The IGA Five Star Assessment Program is a management tool that helps IGA Retailers monitor their IGA Brand Customer Experience and overall image and identity with a series of unrevealed and revealed assessments.

Earn Recognition

Each year, IGA Retailers earn a designation from one to five stars based on the results of their Assessment Reports. Retailers who achieve Five Star status are personally recognized and receive a marketing tool kit to let customers know they are shopping at one of the best stores in the IGA Brand family.

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