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IGA Brand Marketing Events

Create memorable in-store moments that cement shopper loyalty and community relationships.

With powerful new community marketing resources, you can design localized themed marketing events that strengthen your bond with shoppers and your community—all while increasing sales!

The IGA marketing calendar follows a trimester schedule. Included in that schedule are three community-focused marketing themes (each with its own national sweepstakes), and two IGA Exclusive Brand events added in for summer and fall.

Community-Focused Marketing Themes     

IGA Hometown Healthy Challenge
1st Trimester (January – April)

The IGA Hometown Healthy Challenge community marketing event connects IGA Retailers with one of the primary concerns of today’s grocery shoppers—the role food plays in the health and wellness of their families.

IGA Hometown Fest
2nd Trimester (May – August)

IGA Hometown Fest is an IGA event that thanks shoppers for their patronage and celebrates summer in IGA hometowns across America.

IGA Family, Friends and Food
3rd Trimester (September – December)   

From Labor Day all the way through the holidays, the last trimester of the year is all about helping customers join together to share mealtime with the family and friends they love. This event is designed to inspire shoppers to create mealtimes that are meaningful, enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved.

IGA Exclusive Brand Events

IGA Days

Merchandising IGA Exclusive Brand products is made easy in October with this event—a national promotion that promotes the quality and value of products available only at IGA!