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Ritchies IGA Stores Contribute to Haiti Relief

Author: Fred Harrison

The Independent View

 Fred Harrison

IGA "Haiti Relief" Perspective


January 27, 2010

In 1870, when Thomas Ritchie opened a grocery store in a tiny country settlement in Victoria, Australia, he did so intent on three things—keeping his shop competitive, rewarding staff, and donating part of his profit back to the community. Now approaching 150 years in business, Ritchies 58 IGA stores are still giving back whenever a need arises.

When the earthquake struck in Haiti, we—like so many of IGA Retailers here in Australia and around the world—felt compelled to do our part. We made an immediate donation of $50,000 AU to the Haiti Earthquake Response Fund set up by Oxfam Australia. Oxfam's emergency Latin American response teams are based in Haiti, meaning the money we donated went directly to Oxfam teams supplying clean water and food for the Haitian people.

What is truly amazing, however, is that Ritchies IGA customers—who are always generous when people are in need—have once again stepped in to do their part to help. Through our Community Chest program, customers can now choose to donate a percentage of every dollar they spend to the Haiti Earthquake Response Fund, and already the response has been phenomenal. Our goal of raising another $50,000 for over the next three months is well within our reach.

When you see IGA customers and staff doing so much to help out communities half a world away, it makes you realize that Hometown Proud really has no boundaries. What an amazing global brand we have.


Fred Harrison
Chief Executive Officer
Ritchies Stores Pty Ltd