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The IGA Coca-Cola Institute is offering free crisis resource and sanitation courses to ensure retailers and staff are prepared for a health crisis. 

If you have an online training account subscription, simply log in to your account and find these courses available in the catalog. Don't have a subscription? Access these online training courses for free by visiting and creating an account. 

Conflict Resolution for Common Scenarios in Grocery

Conflict Resolution

With continued stress related to the pandemic, public confrontations are becoming common. Learn how to prevent or de-escalate common conflicts with customers in this class.

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Prepare your store for COVID-19 with tactics for establishing communication with appropriate people in state and local government, and develop and implement a plan to protect employees and shoppers.


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Hand Washing

Proper hand washing for at least 20 seconds is crucial to preventing the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. In this course, learn when and how to wash your hands effectively to stay healthy and prevent the spread of germs.

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10-minute pandemic awareness

10-Minute Pandemic Awareness

This 10-minute video can help with any seasonal flu, outbreak, or pandemic fears. It explains what a pandemic is, a brief history of pandemics, and five specific things you can do to help yourself and others.

With the Coronavirus outbreak, this video can provide some comfort and advice to employees and individuals to help calm and take action.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing: High Touch Surfaces

Food retailers play a critical role in protecting public health during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Stores must maintain a clean and sanitary facility to ensure the health and well-being of all customers and employees. 

This course will teach retailers and associates how to effectively clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces, which will help protect customers and employees. 

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Find additional safety courses available through the Institute:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens – 30m
  • Food Safety and Sanitation Basics – 60m
  • Food Safety Manager Curriculum:
    • FSS6 – Personal Hygiene and Employee Health – 35m
    • FSS7 – Cleaning and Sanitizing – 40m

The courses are also available on the Go.Learn mobile app. Follow these directions to download and try the new mobile app:

  1. Download the Go.Learn app available in the Apple and Google Play stores
  2. Type in the following URL:
  3. Launch Go.Learn and log in using your online training credentials

*If you save your password within the app, you will only need to complete these steps once.

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