Independent Retailing in the New Normal

    The pandemic has changed so much about the way we do business—and also about the way shoppers behave. Watch the fully recorded video below from IGA's first-ever IGA Global Rally Virtual Conference broadcasted from Fairvalue IGA in Lenoir, North Carolina.

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    Welcome to Lenoir, NC and the IGA Global Rally! 


    Sustaining Growth Beyond COVID


    IGA CEO John Ross shares insights about how COVID-19 has changed shopper behavior with a shift toward local community stores, the lasting impact it will have on our business and the next generation of shoppers, and what we can do to earn and keep the sales we’ve gained through COVID and beyond.


    Digital Media: Is it Finally Time to Let Go of the Weekly Circular?


    Learn how National Digital Ad 2.0’s new rich media functionality, local ad customization, and geo-targeted ad structure are helping independent retailers secure national shopper marketing dollars, promote their local point of difference, and engage both new and existing shoppers.

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    eCommerce: The Next Frontier for Grocery


    For independent grocers, the pandemic has moved eCommerce from a "we'll get to that someday" wish list item to a requirement for staying competitive in the new normal. Learn how you can win with eCommerce as a panel of IGA retailers share insights about the adoption of online shopping during COVID, what works and what doesn’t, and the impact eCommerce has had on their shopper loyalty, acquisition of new shoppers, and overall sales.


    International Leadership Roundtable


    Hear from IGA’s global leadership how COVID-19 has impacted everything from their way of life to employee and shopper behaviors, and get predictions for what the future holds for independent grocery retailing around the world.

    A Message from IGA China


    Tribute to Tom Haggai


    Celebrating the life and legacy of IGA Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Tom Haggai.


    Using Analytics to Chart Your Course in the New Normal: Understanding Your Trade Radius

    Learn how IGA’s new state-of-the-art mobile analytics tools can help you better understand your competition, identify where increased COVID sales are coming from, and make simple and affordable improvements that will help you hold on to sales post-COVID.

    Driving Private Label Sales: Best Practices from Best-in-class Retailers


    Discover how IGA Exclusive Brand’s new look, visual merchandising, and marketing strategies are giving the line new appeal to inspiration-starved home chefs and cash-strapped shoppers alike, and hear from a panel of IGA retailers who are using best-in-class private label practices to drive independents’ traditionally low private label sales to the national average and beyond.

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    Keeping Shoppers Beyond COVID: Increase Buying Confidence


    See how best practices for in-store merchandising and online shopper marketing combine to create an omni-channel experience that educates and engages shoppers, making your store their first choice in every category.


    Issues to Solve for Independent Grocers in the U.S.


    Find out from NGA CEO Greg Ferrara what government relationship issues will impact independent retailers as the pandemic and an unstable political climate continue.


    Reinvesting for the Future: Do it Now!

    John Ross closes with a call to action for independent retailers to reinvest in their businesses, and answers audience questions.