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IGA Exclusive Brands 

Offer your shopper a brand they love—available only at your store.

Your customers will know the IGA Red Oval on the package promises trusted, family-favorite products from a quality-assured private label line that has been a staple in IGA shoppers’ homes for more than 80 years.

IGA Exclusive Brand

Discover the Power of IGA Exclusive Brands

View a Willard Bishop Whitepaper about IGA shoppers’ loyalty to IGA Exclusive Brands

Merchandising IGA Brand Products

IGA Brand has a new customer-tested image. It’s a vibrant, cross-category look that leverages the equity of IGA’s friendly, community-focused identity and conveys the quality of the brand without mimicking national brands. In short, the new look sets IGA apar t from the competition with a distinct IGA Brand image that is appealing and clear to customers.

IGA Brand Packaging