Health and Wellbeing

IGA Better Choices

More than ever before, today’s shoppers are looking to their grocery store to guide their personal journey toward a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Better Choices gives you the information and assets you need to position your store as a true destination for overall health and wellbeing.



Shopper-Facing Digital Content

Each month on, shoppers will find IGA Better Choices branded educational information and meal solutions aligned with seasons, sales, and how trends. Want to spread the word to shoppers about IGA Better Choices content? Visit to share blogs, videos, infographics and more on your social media.


Digital Graphics

Promote IGA Better Choices with downloadable gliders and promo boxes for your website. Note: IGA Better Choices graphics will automatically be pushed to IGALink retailer websites. If you do not have an IGALink website, you may post these graphics on your website and link them to this URL:


Event Planning Guide Better Choices

Editorial Calendar

Download the editorial calendar to see consumer-facing content is coming down the pipeline so you can plan promotions, updates on social media and content for your ads.

In-store Signage


Brand your store as a lifestyle destination for overall health and wellbeing. Available for purchase at