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Is Your Store all it Could Be?

And how would you know? Most independents run great grocery stores, but it is often hard to know for sure what you do right—and where you have room for improvement. Being part of IGA means you can benchmark your store against the IGA average. It means periodic scores on everything from customer service to merchandising to operational excellence. And it means tools to help you understand your shopper's needs, and how to meet them. In short, it means a partner willing to help you improve wherever you need help.

IGA Assessment Program

Not sure what shoppers really think about your store? Wondering how your shopper service stacks up with the competition? The answers are in the new 2019 Store Assessment initiative. You’ll get the facts for your store in reports from the shopper perspective along with benchmarks for comparison to other independent grocers.

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IGA Five Star Recognition

IGA Five Star Recognition

Based on annual store assessments, IGA Five Star recognizes the IGA retailers working diligently with their teams to achieve high standards in presentation and operation of their stores, and serve their shoppers with a customized, local shopping experience. And now with improved Assessment criteria and a new Platinum level of recognition, Five Star will be an even better gauge of your ability to meet shopper needs.

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Store Level Insights

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Customer Feedback Survey

Get direct feedback from your shoppers about their shopping experience with a web-based shopper survey.


IGA conducts a monthly sweepstakes drawing for free IGA product to incentivize shopper participation in a simple web-based questionnaire promoted on Retailers are notified when shopper feedback has been received for their store through a reporting dashboard. 

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Get Started

Invite Feedback

  • Add a message to the sales receipt inviting customers to visit to share comments and suggestions. Wording on your sales receipt could be something like:


Follow Through

  • Promptly review all feedback and take appropriate steps to address customers’ issues.

Communicate Back

  • Let customers who communicate with you know that their feedback is appreciated. The program makes it easy to reply via email.

Shopper Experience Resources

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IGA Way to Care

IGA retailers are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of individuals in their communities with insight into shoppers lives and the freedom to cater service and offerings to meet shoppers’ needs. IGA Way to Care, a comprehensive behavioral-based training and culture-development program, provides you with the tools you need to deliver an extraordinary experience to every shopper.


IGA Way To Care training, meeting, measurement, and benchmarking tools help you create and sustain a culture that fosters a sincere, authentic approach to team member and shopper engagement.

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