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Independent Grocers Association Education Session Agenda

    Co-locating with The NGA Show, an in-person event taking place in Las Vegas February 27–March 1, 2022, IGA is making it easier and more convenient for members of the Independent Grocers Alliance and NGA to get the most out of their time. 

    "Recognizing how busy our retailers and store teams are, for 2022 the IGA event will be fully integrated into NGA's event," says IGA CEO John Ross. "Consider it one-stop-shopping for all the networking, insights, and resources an independent needs to compete and win." 

    During the three-day event, IGA, NGA, and other industry experts will present tactics and ideas designed to help all independents stay competitive in their changing marketplace, better serve shoppers, and increase sales. The event is tailor made for independent grocery retailers, whether you're an IGA-branded retailer, a unbranded member of the Independent Grocers Alliance, or an unaffiliated independent who wants to learn more about the strategies, tactics, tools, and resources that will help you better compete. 

    2022 IGA Sessions at The NGA Show

    IGA General Session

    Don’t Be A Victim To Inflation: Simple Strategies To Maintain Price Authority, Increase Sales, And Drive Shopper Loyalty

    Inflation is coming fast, but as an independent, how do you maintain your value proposition during an inflationary period? Discover tactics that will help you keep your margin and stay competitive against the chains on core CPG and private label items, how you can use the margin you have to further increase profit, and how to increase shopper loyalty with marketing initiatives that show shoppers you’re on their side as prices rise.

    IGA Education Session

    Save Money & Increase Sales With The Right Media Mix

    Print. Digital. Social. Direct mail. With so many different ways to market to shoppers, how do you know what media mix is right for your store? See how independent retailers are using media analysis and digital tools to move from expensive, low-productivity advertising to lower-cost, data-driven media solutions that engage shoppers, drive traffic, and increase sales.

    IGA Education Session

    Improving Your Business Through Marketplace Analysis

    How well do you really know your marketplace? Neighborhoods—in even small communities—are changing fast. And if the perception of your marketplace is based only on the customers coming through your door, you’re missing out on a host of sales opportunities. Learn how affordable and effective marketplace and shopper analysis can provide the meaningful feedback and data you need to help you revitalize your competitive strategy, bring in new shoppers, and better serve the ones you have.

    IGA Education Session

    Optimizing Sales In Center Store Categories

    Feel like it’s impossible for an independent retailer to win against the chains in key center store categories like pet, cereal, and baby? Hear from a panel of the world’s top CPG brands how independent retailers can use data-driven shopper education and merchandising to move key categories in their store from a fill-in afterthought to the primary destination for all a shopper’s needs.

    IGA Education Session

    How The Greening Of Grocery Can Increase Sales And Save You Money

    Did you know consumers are willing to pay an average of 4 percent more at a food retailer that implements initiatives to support their community and the environment? Or that the average independent retailer could save $15,000 to $60,000 dollars a year with no-cost or low cost energy saving measures? Hear how the Ratio Institute’s free self-assessment, employee education, nationally recognized certification program, and shopper-facing marketing materials are helping retailers adopt and promote sustainable practices that drive shopper loyalty and save money.

    IGA Education Session

    Ransomware: The Biggest Threat To Your Business May Be One You Aren’t Even Thinking About

    Did you know the average ransomware attack costs businesses an average of 15 days downtime? Small, local grocers with busy management, slim margins, and vulnerable technology systems are particularly susceptible to a ransomware attack that can shut down POS systems and cost thousands—or even hundreds of thousands of dollars—to resume business. Hear directly from independent retailers who have been impacted, and learn how you can protect your business.

    The NGA Show

    February 27–March 1, 2022
    Caesar's Forum | Las Vegas, Nevada

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