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    Learn how to drive baby & child care and adult & feminine care growth with Kimberly-Clark strategies in this PDF.

    COVID-19 creates new opportunities to accelerate growth in 2021

    Health & Hygiene

    • Proactive household and personal care; H&W focus
    • Willingness to pay more for higher quality products linked to health and hygiene
    • Increased cleaning for safety
    • Disposable vs. durable
    • Harsher vs. natural


    • The right products/benefits and messaging, promoting H&W, protective daily routines, and the best clean
    • The right cross-category solutions

    Altered Brick & Mortar Shopping

    • Trip consolidation, especially among vulnerable cohorts
    • Elevated spend per trip; stock-up behavior
    • Faster in-out shopping


    • Simplified assortment
    • Larger count pack offerings for stock-up
    • Enhanced focus on solutions and solution centers/displays
    • Greater reliance on pre-store targeted marketing

    Large Digital Adoption

    • ~4 year accelerated adoption of online
    • Significant growth in CNC and Home Delivery, especially among vulnerable cohorts


    • Grow/Retain via:
      • Optimized search, taxonomy, content, and digital shelf
      • A seamless online/in-store experience
      • Omni-channel programs (i.e. free delivery offers, solutions for moms, seniors, and caregivers)

    Recessionary Behaviors

    • 9 in 10 have changed their shopping behavior in an effort to cut back:
      • Limiting (i.e. shopping less, buying less)
      • Deal-seeking (i.e. coupons, value-size items)
      • Retailer switching


    • Creating value through ease via cross-category solutions/promotions
    • Value stock-up offerings
    • Establishing loyalty by building brand equity (i.e. safety, giving back)

    Baby Category Growth Drivers

    Watch the below video to learn details about the three category growth drivers that will build baskets and lead to more loyal customers.

    1. Nurture know-how
    2. Manage the moments
    3. Caring connections


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