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    We are driven by one idea: to make better happen.

    Some will tell you all it takes to get a company going is a better idea. That’s why so many companies don’t last. What it really takes is a passion for building a better company. Our team continually strives to be the best cereal company possible to make breakfast the most important and satisfying meal of your day.

    When we make better happen, families get a better choice to choose what they love. Retailers get a fresh chance to grow. We succeed as a breakfast cereal company. The communities around us are better off. When we make better happen in every fiber of our business, it adds up to a whole lot of better. And the real beauty is, better is endless.




    When you pour yourself a bowl of Premier Protein® Mixed Berry Almond cereal, you really are making breakfast the most important meal of the day. With strawberries, raspberries, sliced almonds – and 20 grams of protein to help you feel full – we can’t think of a tastier and more nutritious way to treat yourself.

    PCB Will Create A High Protein Destination In RTE With Premier Protein

    There is a void in the protein cereal segment

    of adult cereal consumers want super high levels of protein in their cereal*
    mainstream brands deliver this high level & consumers must leave the aisle to find solutions


    Premier Protein® cereal delivers the high protein & great taste that:

    + Keeps consumers in the aisle
    + Brings in new consumers by establishing RTE cereal as a viable performance destination




    Premier Protein® Balances The High Protein Equation

    The Right Balance of Taste and Nutrition + The Right Amount of Protein = 77% of Protein Buyers Would Purchase Premier

    New Premier Protein® cereal checks the boxes for what their body needs and what their taste buds crave. With 20g of protein, and only 5g of sugar Premier provides the benefits that help consumers stay on track to reach their goals.

    Premier Will Launch Nationally With Always-On Shoppable Media, Retailer Support & Partnerships!

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    Post Cereal Snacks deliver the great taste of cereals they love and are easy, portable, and fun. 

    We will increase visibility, trial and ongoing demand for Pebbles Crisps, Honeycomb Big Bites, & New! Shake-ups by showing consumers that the delicious cereals they love are now available in a whole new snackable, packable, crunchable form with both reach and trial-driving experiences that keep them coming back for more.

    We’ll shake up snacking routines even more with the launch of new Shake-Ups! With never-mixed-together before pieces in epic flavors combined with a trial-driving launch plan mix of sampling, coupons & more—we’re going to shake up the market!

    BTS doesn’t have to mean back to boring. Whether it’s breakfast on the run, lunchbox & or after school, we’ll show consumers why they should makeover their school year snacks—establishing our full variety of forms & flavors as their the new go-to.