Best Shelving Practices for the Baby Category

Mar 12, 2020

The baby and childcare categories are poised for growth, with changing consumer needs driving a preference for premium products. Ensure your merchandising is ready for new and existing parents with these tips from Kimberly-Clark. 

Organize your shelves by activities.

Make it easier for parents to shop by focusing on these four core activities:

  1. Change & train
  2. Baby accessories
  3. Feed & nourish
  4. Bath & soothe


Follow these 8 Baby Department shelving principles from growth retailers.

  1. Create a Baby Department by shelving relevant baby items together. Organize items into activities to improve shopability.
  2. Diapers and infant formula should lead the section.
  3. Shelve diapers across the aisle from baby food.
  4. Shelve diapers, wipes, and pants together in the baby aisle.
  5. Shelve baby accessories, infant formula, and baby food together.
  6. Shelve baby toiletries and OTC together on the same shelf.
  7. Allocate baby accessories its own section in the baby aisle.
  8. Allocate space to sales appropriately.


It's crucial to capture consumers early in their journey, even before they have a baby, to increase retention and shopper loyalty. After all, basket size doubles when the baby arrives. 

Want to learn how to drive more sales in Baby? Watch the webinar 3 Ways to Drive Sales in the Baby Category.

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