Bulk Up Basket Sizes With Budweiser

Nov 7, 2022

Limited Edition Can: Only Here For The Season | Budweiser limited edition cans featuring the clydesdales

The holidays are a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate special occasions. While shoppers are looking to build their family feasts, grocers have the opportunity to grow their basket sizes when beer is involved. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks were the No.12 and No.13 best-selling weeks for beer in 2021, respectively, according to an IRI and MRI-Simmons study. These are the two best-selling weeks outside of the busy summer season!

How to Grow Basket Size With Beer

Make shopping convenient and easy by placing beer out-of-aisle and next to these high-purchase-index categories:

  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Salty snacks

Multiple out-of-aisle displays increase impulse purchases and draw connections to other categories, building shoppers' baskets.

IGA's Red Oval partner Anheuser-Busch found that baskets increase an average of 38% when Budweiser and meat are purchased together versus alone for an average basket ring of $116.75.*

And with 70% of Budweiser consumers using food to bring family and friends together around the holidays, Anheuser-Busch is helping IGA retailers capture more sales with a National Digital Ad offer, running Nov. 9–Dec. 27, 2022: 

  • Save up to $5 on the purchase of any 1 Budweiser family 12-pack or larger and any fresh meat, brats, or sausage!**

**The amount of savings will vary depending on state. Offer valid where legal.

Why Bud & Meat?

57% of Budweiser consumers are also consumers of fresh meat products*** and cross-merchandising is a winning strategy to boost basket size, especially with the limited edition holiday cans, which are only here for the season. 

Now available in 12-pack, 24-pack, and 30-pack cans, the limited edition packs use the same UPC as the everyday Budweiser cases in the same sizes, so there's no need to set up an entirely new item!

If you don't already have these limited edition cans in stock, place an order with your distributor and get your displays set up for Thanksgiving!

*Numerator Total U.S. Grocery L52W Ending 10-10-21

***MRI-Simmons 2022 Winter Study

Budweiser bottle with a burger