Drive Sales & Traffic to the Cereal Aisle with Post's Best Practices

Mar 13, 2020

Post Consumer Brands has combined goals with our retailer partners to drive higher sales and profits, bring traffic to the cereal aisle, grow basket size, and increase shopper loyalty. Achieve these goals by implementing the best practices below.

Create a more shoppable shelf and align the flow of cereal with how consumers actually shop it.

  • Lay out the POG in a consumer-segmented set (Kids, All Family, Adult) instead of being blocked by manufacturer.
  • Focus on the products that really matter to consumers and have strong brand blocks on power brands for each segment. 20-25 percent of RTE SKUs do 75 percent of the sales.
  • Reduce consumer confusion and eliminate noise. Cut back on items that are low-turning and least incremental to the set.

Keep your category fresh.

  • Continue to bring exciting innovation to the category and help your shopper find it in the POG.
  • Make fewer, bigger bets with strategically targeted consumer marketing and promotional support.
  • Focus on truly incremental products.

Provide your shopper with strong value and offer a dedicated bag section.

  • Drive conversion on the segment of cereal that is growing.
  • Bag shoppers seek variety, as well as value, so ensure you go beyond just the top-selling flavors.
  • If space allows, create a trade-up strategy by offering multiple sizes and even more value on the best-selling brands.

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