Fantasy Farms Helps Independents Blossom In Floral Category

Oct 25, 2022

People will always want to buy flowers, whether it’s for a celebration, loss of life, or to simply decorate their home. Humans have a universal desire of sharing this piece of nature with others. That presents the opportunity for independents to be a trusted seller in the floral category as it can save a trip for shoppers when they know their IGA retailer can supply the flowers they want.

Over the past 20 years, the production of cut flowers has grown at a median annual rate of 7.5%. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, flower purchases increased exponentially.

IGA CEO John Ross says those customers who bought flowers for the first time during the pandemic have the opportunity to become habitual shoppers in the category.

The category is about $7.4 billion in the grocery business, according to Bill Fleener, vice president of Fantasy Farms, an IGA Red Oval partner. But this dollar amount is much larger when you count convenience stores, florists, etc.

In this video interview, Fleener gives Ross a full scope of the opportunities for retailers with Fantasy Farms' program through IGA.

Browse their offerings and order directly from the website for Independent Grocers Alliance members.

Key insights include:

  • This is a unique program that works well for small- to medium-sized independents.
  • Fantasy Farms are experts in DSD shipping.The flowers are shipped directly from Columbia via FedEx International. Fleener notes a 2-week lead time.
  • Flowers come sleeved and pre-priced with a UPC. “That’s why I think it’s such a wonderful opportunity for IGA retailers because you do not need to add additional personnel to run this flower program,” Fleener says.
  • The potted plants sector has gained a lot of consumer interest and Fantasy Farms offers a potted plants program as well.

Fantasy Farms realizes there are Licensed Distribution Centers with floral programs, and they clarified that they do not want to get involved or compete with that. “We are there for folks that are not in the flower business or for some of the retailers that might need a little extra push if they need it. But we are not in any way, shape, or form trying to mess with or compete,” Fleener says.

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