Hyer Offers On-Demand Labor Solution

Nov 30, 2022

In the last two years, the retail and wholesale industry had the second highest quit rate in the U.S., second only to the leisure and hospitality industry. In the independent grocery industry, retailers have tried everything to attract and retain workers, from increasing wages and paid vacation to offering finder bonuses and additional training opportunities. Despite these efforts, retailers and wholesalers still face a labor shortage.

Hyer, IGA's newest Red Oval partner, hopes to help with that shortage. An app that delivers on-demand labor, "It's just like Uber, but for labor. It's a two-sided marketplace where we connect companies that look for labor with people who want to work," Hyer CEO and Founder Dave Dempsey tells IGA VP Business Partnerships Heidi Huff in a video interview.

Leveraging the popular gig economy — the labor market that relies heavily on temporary and part-time positions filled by independent contractors and freelancers rather than full-time permanent employees — Hyer delivers a cost-efficient solution to retailers and wholesalers needing extra hands for jobs like corralling carts in the parking lot, overnight stocking, curbside pickup and in-store shopping for to-go orders. 

Unlike temp agencies or other short-term labor solutions, Hyer delivers quality workers who want to help your organization. Dempsey says they have a 93% satisfaction rate over traditional jobs with their taskers (what they call their workers). Hyer removes a lot of the hiring roadblocks by performing background checks and providing accident and liability insurance while their taskers are on the job.

Dempsey and Huff detail Hyer's model in the interview below, including how the app works for employers, details on rates and markups, and whether they need a contract. 
 Key Takeaways:
  • $63 billion are lost in revenue in the retail channel, which is primarily driven by labor, according to Dempsey.
  • The gig economy is up to about 60 million people.
  • 280,000 people have downloaded the Hyer app and are ready to work.
  • Hyer app delivers qualified workers in minutes to scale your workforce on demand in real time.
  • The timeframe for employers to hire is 24-48 hours from when you set up your profile.