Welcome Happy Egg Co. to the Red Oval Family

Jun 2, 2021

With bright, modern packaging and high-end, farm-fresh products, IGA's new Red Oval Partner Happy Egg Co. is delivering innovation to the egg aisle that is sure to capture shoppers' attention. And with shoppers seeking eggs, meat, and dairy from farms that treat their animals humanely and give animals ample space to roam, Happy Egg Co. eggs are a perfect fit for IGA shoppers. IGA's Vice President of Business Partnerships Heidi Huff spoke with Happy Egg Co.'s Retail Marketing Project Manager Brooke Fein to learn how the company is disrupting the egg category and helping retailers attract shoppers.

What makes Happy Egg Co. products different? 

Happy Egg is focused on “Advancing Happiness” in every way we can. For our birds, that means all our farms have the esteemed American Humane Free Range Certification, giving the hens 21.8 square feet of outdoor access, including at least 40 percent tree coverage on the range. It means driving new premium users into the category with our breakthrough Heritage Breed pastel-blue-and deep-speckled-brown eggs. It means holding firm on our prices to our retailers regardless of any pandemic or supply situation. It means the debut of our new ad campaign late last year focusing on more “happy” and less “meh.” Finally, shoppers will start to see even fresher and more eye-catching Happy Egg packaging, which debuted in May.

All in all, Happy Egg is committed to advancing happiness.

How is Happy Egg Co. focusing on product innovations? 

Happy Egg’s innovation team is currently researching breakthrough products to disrupt the industry...in a good way! Not just creating products to say we created them, but having a purpose behind each one. Solving a problem for your consumers. Making their days a little less “meh” and inviting your consumers to Crack Open Happy! These leading edge free range and organic egg products will drive shoppers straight to your stores.

Happy Egg-800w
How do you prioritize independent retailers to ensure they have equal access to your products? 

The independent sector is important to Happy Egg because we love working with retailers who are looking to customize their egg offering to their market area. Happy Egg products are unique to many parts of the country, and our plan is to empower independent retailers to build a mix of Happy Egg items that make sense for their local area. We strive to be carried by all of IGA's wholesalers as soon as possible, so if our products aren't available through yours yet, watch your email for an update on availability. 

How do you plan to help IGA retailers increase their sales in your category? 

From an incredible internal design team to shopper marketing gurus, we look at each retailer individually and make decisions that will show your consumers why Happy Egg is unlike any other egg brand. We have many different tactics that we can execute internally, such as geo-targeted digital ads and in-store signage. But we also know that retailers know their shoppers best, know which shopper marketing tactics will bring the best results. That’s why Happy Egg likes to work directly with each retailer’s marketing team and tools, like IGA's National Digital Ad, to make decisions that help both of us succeed!

As we emerge from the pandemic, shopper behavior is changing a bit. How do you think that will affect your product sales, if at all, and what can retailers do to address those changes?

Happy Egg’s sales continue to trend well above last year on a year-over-year basis, including lapping the peak “COVID” weeks of 2020. This includes growth in both ACV and units-per-store-per-week. Happy Egg has been the fastest growing egg brand in the country for 25 straight months, according to Nielsen and SPINs, the leading provider of data and insights for the natural, organic, and specialty products industry.

Dairy merchants and their marketing teams can make the egg category more exciting, more consumer-focused, and as engaging as any other category in the store. Right now, TPRs and ad features are often the only marketing tools buyers can use. Dairy/egg buyers have a clear chance to “premium-ize” their offerings. Happy Egg sees our retailers’ egg sets as destination spots for consumer lifestyle and shopper delight—not just a spot to grab an item on a grocery list. With break-through packaging, high-end products, a colorful brand that resonates with shoppers, and a national consumer sweepstakes coming this summer, Happy Egg helps our retailers do just that.


Watch us grow! Keep an eye on your email for Happy Egg Co. availability in your area and more information on this summer's national sweepstakes. 

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