Grab Snackers with these Merchandising Tips from Mondelez

Mar 5, 2020

With Gen Z and Millennial habits driving category growth in the snacking aisle, Mondelez encourages retailers to update their aisles to capitalize on shoppers’ increased consumption habits. 

Here are few best practices for the cookie and cracker snacking aisle:

  • Treat Everyday Cookies & Crackers as two separate categories in the same aisle, with manufacturer blocks within each category/segment. Allocate a fair share of space for each manufacturer and/or segment.
  • Shoppers use visual cues to identify aisles, so book the ending cracker aisle with RITZ Crackers and the cookie aisle with OREO Cookies to allow consumers to easily recognize category. These two brands have the highest HH penetration of any items in their respective segment.
  • Create vertical brand blocks within each manufacturer and/or segment section to improve the shopping experience and drive sales. Block all mainstream cookies together in Cookies and all mainstream crackers together in Crackers.
  • Create easy to locate in-aisle destinations for shoppers: multi-packs (plan to go), premium, and natural (A/O). 



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