IGA Cares about Family Meals

Celebrating Family Meals Month

In honor of Family Meals Month, this September we’re shining a light on the importance of family meals—especially their positive effect on kids.

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Let IGA and our partners at The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and National Family Meals Month help make sharing even just one family meal a week, easier and of course, more fun.

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Strong Family Relationships Reduce Risky Behavior

A strong bond with your child, especially during the teen years, helps reduce the chances of engaging in risky behavior. Set the stage to prevent drug and alcohol use with these tips.

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Who is the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids?

Read about the Partnership’s commitment to helping families struggling with their son’s or daughter’s substance use.

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Three Simple Meals for the Busiest of Days

Getting a meal on the table doesn’t need to be overwhelming, or overly complicated.

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Meal Planning Can Be Tough, But it Doesn't Have to Be

You don’t have to look very far to find support the need for family meals.  Check out these tools and tips to help you reach the goal of just one more family meal each week.

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The Most Important Thing Isn't What's on the Table

Mealtime means taking a moment to enjoy food with humans you care about. And it makes a big difference in how we live and grow.

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Support the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Donate to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to help the organization engage, educate and connect with even parents and families.

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