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IGA Retailer Programs 

IGA is dedicated to providing programs that give IGA Retailers an advantage in their competitive marketplaces. Designed to strengthen retailers’ position as independents, these programs provide a unique opportunity to leverage the strength of IGA’s world-recognized brand.

Assessment Program

IGA’s regular store assessments and shopper surveys provide valuable feedback that tells you where your store stands with shoppers. Learn More

Brand Marketing Events

With powerful brand marketing resources, you can design localized themed marketing events that strengthen your bond with shoppers and your community—all while increasing sales! Learn More

Shared Beliefs  

IGA works with Alliance partners to create shopper connections through shared beliefs such as lifestyle choices, causes and giving back. Learn More

Digital Marketing - IGALink

IGALink delivers a unique and personalized web/mobile presence for each IGA store, making it easy for shoppers to stay connected to what's happening in your store when they're online or on the go. Learn More

IGA Exclusive Brands 

Your customers will know the IGA Red Oval on the package promises trusted, family-favorite products from a quality-assured private label line that has been a staple in IGA shoppers’ homes for more than 80 years. Learn More

IGA Performance Insights 

The IGA Performance Insights marketing program organizes IGA independent retailers as a single marketing entity, leveraging their combined sales volume to increase individual store sales. Learn More

Member Recognition 

IGA’s prestigious Awards of Excellence Program honors the exemplary brand-building accomplishments of our members. The program’s rigorous and challenging standards create a fair and equitable process for the determination of IGA Retailer, Licensed Distribution Center and Red Oval Partner recognition. Learn More

Networking Events

IGA’s networking events create the opportunity for the information sharing, networking and member recognition that keeps our Alliance focused and inspired throughout the year. Learn More

Training & Development

The IGA Coca-Cola Institute gives you the online and classroom resources you need to make sure every member of your team is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to serve. Learn More