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IGA Wounded Warrior Project

IGA donated $120,000 to Wounded Warrior Project in 2011! 

In the summer of 2011, IGA retailers across the country showed their support for a good cause by participating in the first IGA Exclusive Brands Wounded Warrior Project promotional campaign.


From Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, 10¢ from the sale of every 24-pack case of specially marked IGA water sold was donated to Wounded Warrior Project™ (WWP), a non-profit organization that offers support for wounded soldiers. In total, those IGA brand water sales raised $100,000 for WWP—but that’s not even the whole story! IGA Red Oval Partner Kraft Foods also got involved, sweetening the deal by contributing an additional $20,000 earned from the positioning of Kraft powdered beverage displays in IGA stores during the promotional period.

IGA Alliance members present donation check at the WWP Headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla.

WWP Check Presentation

Left to Right: Tom Kishman (Kishman’s IGA), Brooks Marsh (Mahomet IGA), Ellen Weber (IGA USA), Richard Johnson (Bailey’s IGA), Brea  Kratzert (WWP), John Sullivan (WWP), Mead Johnson (Bailey’s IGA), Jan Kishman (Kishman’s IGA), Heidi Huff (IGA USA), Steve Holdiman (Kraft Foods), Bill Overman (IGA USA)

IGA Retailer Support

IGA retailers across the country went above and beyond to get the word out about the important mission of Wounded Warrior Project to honor and empower wounded warriors.

A West Coast Alliance

Thirteen IGA retailers on the West Coast raised additional funds for WWP by selling $1 donation cards that shoppers signed and posted for everyone to see. Together these retailers raised nearly $8,000 for WWP, with one retailer, Rudy Dory, owner of Newport Avenue Market IGA in Bend, Ore., matching his shopper donations with a $1,000 donation of his own.

 Leading donation card sales were:  

Newport Avenue Market IGA, Bend, Ore.
Daniel’s Bonsall Market IGA, Bonsall, Calif.
Granite Falls Market Fresh IGA, Granite Falls, Wash.

The Ultimate Warrior Display

Richard and Mead Johnson, owners of Bailey’s General Store IGA in Sanibel Island, Fla., borrowed a 1943 Ford Army Jeep from a friend, backed the Jeep in through the front doors, and then surrounded it with a wall of Wounded Warrior Project IGA water. The display generated so much interest they decided to match the IGA 10¢ donation for every case of water sold with a 10¢ donation from the store.

Bailey's Jeep Display

A Veterans’ Tribute for the Entire Community

Brooks Marsh, owner of Mahomet IGA in Mahomet, Ill., filled his store with WWP IGA water, and held a full-blown veterans' tribute attended by several hundred community members. The parking lot event included a cookout with proceeds going to the local American Legion, a flag burning to honorably dispose of worn-out flags, and a visit from a Blackhawk helicopter!


Mahomet WWP

Raising Awareness with a WWP Homecoming Float

Tom and Jan Kishman, owners of Kishman’s IGA in Minerva, Ohio, created a WWP-themed float for the annual homecoming parade, and then invited a wounded veteran who is also a WWP spokesperson to ride on the float, handing  out WWP information and IGA water to the crowd.

Kishmans WWP