Meat Truck Event Triples Sales & Carves Out a Competitive Niche

Jan 24, 2019


Doug Sprankle
Sprankle’s Fresh Market IGA
Leechburg, PA | Kittanning, PA



We have the same competition as everyone else—and that means we are competing against big box stores that have the reputation for great produce & low-cost center store. That leaves us with the meat department and bakery as two areas we can really carve out as our niche. Since the bakery isn’t really going to draw in the masses, we’ve made our meat department our shining star. As a family with four generations of butchers, this was a natural fit.

To showcase our old-school, quality butchering techniques and services, we host a meat truck sale every three to four months, allowing our customers to handpick entire primals and/or select premium cuts of meat not offered anywhere else. We like to have these events at the beginning of the month so that a hard working family can afford to buy high quality, fresh cut meat to last them until the next truck sale.


Why It Works

For Our Shoppers

If a customer were to try and buy all the same cuts that we offer from one of our primals, they would easily be paying double. Customers are getting all the retail cuts without paying the retail upcharge.

In addition to all the standard retail cuts, when a shopper buys through our meat sale, they are able to order specialty cuts like they'd find at a traditional butcher shop.

We offer certified Angus beef. There’s something about being able to see exactly how your meat is cut and prepared.


For Our Store

Triple Meat Sales That Week
In addition to the bump in meat sales for the week, we notice grocery sales increase, too. We set up chip displays and bakery specials. The same customer buys more than just meat.

Expands Your Store
This is a way to drive high volume even if you don’t have a big freezer.

Make a Name For Yourself
Events like this are so unique, you won’t see a big box competitor doing them. It’s a great way to connect with customers one-on-one and let them experience the quality and freshness that only you can provide.


Make sure your meat is on point before you plan an event.
If you can walk your case and feel confident about every cut of meat, then you’re ready. But if your meat department still needs some attention, then you’re better off improving your quality before hosting a big event.

Build excitement.
We start promoting our meat truck events at least four weeks out via Facebook. We host contests, create videos, and share stories from past truck sales. For example, "See how much meat Jim got for $100!" to build the hype.

Work with your wholesaler.
Our wholesaler offers the truck service for us so all we need to do is order the meat and be ready for the business.


Pro Tips

Have the owner on hand.
If you’re trying to make meat your signature, then the owner needs to be present and personally show he or she stands behind the quality of your meat.

Provide coats.
This might sound silly, but the first time we ran this promotion we did not have coats. Customers—both adults and children—will enjoy the experience much more if they’re not freezing in the truck.

Schedule fuel fill-ups.
If you don’t want to hassle with transporting barrels of fuel, call your local diesel supply and schedule several deliveries during the run of the event.

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