Store-made Facebook Videos Generate Awareness, Sales, and Fans

Nov 12, 2019

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Store: Sprankle’s Neighborhood Market
Locations: Leechburg and Kittanning, Pennsylvania
Store size: 15,000 square feet
Difficulty: Easy


We use Facebook to connect with our shoppers and advertise our store offerings. Our social media posts reach over 80,000 people per week and we get over 23,000 reactions per week—that’s more than twice the reach of our print ad at just 1/10th of the cost! We’ve had customers drive from 25 miles away just to shop our meat sale after we posted a video promotion. Not only did we sell through the meat truck inventory that day, but we also added two additional deliveries of meat, too! Our overall store sales have also seen great results, with our freshly remodeled store up 16 percent in sales and our other location up four percent. 

My brother and I create all the posts, and we are often the directors and actors in any videos we post. We focus on building brand awareness through promotion of events, community outreach, giveaways, and games. We pay to boost a couple videos a week, increasing our reach, with our weekly budget at $200 (including giveaways). 

Take a look at an example post below and visit our Facebook page for more.


By the Numbers

  • $200/week in boosted Facebook posts and ads
  • 80,000 people reached per week
  • 23,000+ reactions (likes, loves, etc.) per week

Why it Works

For Our Shoppers

Informative and entertaining posts. We create content that isn’t just an ad—our videos are entertaining for our fans! Our posts are also informative, keeping our shoppers up to date on all of our ads and promotions. 

Meet our suppliers. Through our videos, we introduce shoppers to our suppliers and staff. For example, during a recent National Pierogi Day promotion, we asked John Kaczor of Kaczor Ravioli Company to draw a name for our giveaway on camera. 

For Our Store

Advertising you can’t buy. Our videos have created a ton of local notoriety for ourselves and our employees. It truly is advertising you just can’t buy. I was even at a parent-teacher conference and the teachers talked more about these Facebook videos than the kids!

Improve store conditions. Our page reach has helped us to improve our store conditions and customer service by adding 15,000 secret shoppers who can reach us directly at any time. 

Increase store awareness. Our Facebook page has reached so many people that it has introduced new people to our brand, as well as helped us attract a lot of applicants for open positions.

Increased sales. Since we started creating videos that highlight our deals, we've seen a 16 percent sales increase in one store, and 4 percent in another. 


    • Create engaging, informative content. Take videos of a representative of the store talking about weekly specials, and don’t be afraid to be goofy.
    • Encourage sharing. Use giveaways to encourage more page and post likes and shares.
    • Create a budget and use it. Whatever your budget is, boosting a few posts can get them in front of a lot more people. Test it out and see what works best for your audience.

Pro Tip

Just like anything, I would recommend that retailers assign a specific person to social media and give them a budget of as much as they can afford to work with. Then just have fun and show the audience the store’s crew having fun!

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