For The Greater Good

A Podcast From The Independent Grocers Alliance

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    For The Greater Good: A Podcast From The Independent Grocers Alliance

    Small businesses are the backbone of American entrepreneurship. And yet, the smart, experienced, and passionate entrepreneurs working in the independent grocery space are often isolated from what global leaders are doing to ensure long-term global sustainability. 

    In this podcast, hosted by the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) CEO John Ross, C-level leaders across manufacturing and retail industries will discuss the issues they’re most passionate about and what they are doing to ensure the sustainability of our industries. 

    Join us for these intimate conversations with real people wanting to do good.

    Episode 1: About "For The Greater Good"

    Episode 2: Unilever CEO Alan Jope Talks Sustainability & Branding

    Episode 3: Consumer Goods Forum Managing Director Wai-Chan Chan Talks Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

    Episode 4: Mondelēz International CEO Dirk Van de Put Talks Sustainability in the Snacking Industry

    Episode 5: The Coca-Cola Company Chairman & CEO James Quincey Shares Sustainability Innovations

    Episode 6: SC Johnson Chairman & CEO Fisk Johnson On The Plastic Waste Problem

    Episode 7: L'Oréal President, Consumer Products Division Alexis Perakis-Valat on Sustainability in the Beauty Industry

    Episode 8: Haleon CEO Brian McNamara on The Role of Sustainability in Healthcare & Humanity

    Episode 9: McCormick & Co. Chairman & CEO Lawrence Kurzius on Protecting Spices From Climate Change

    Episode 10: Kellogg's CEO Steve Cahillane on Better Days Ahead

    Episode 11: Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider on How Nutrition Impacts Sustainability


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